One of the essences of life is human connection; with my major in Business Administration (with a marketing and entrepreneurship focus) at UVM, I strive to facilitate that. Through my work I demonstrate my observations. Visual content is extremely effective in communicating value. You can teach someone how to take pictures and use a fancy camera, but you can’t teach them how to evoke a feeling. I’ve got it.

I grew up at Stratton Mountain, VT. Skiing and spending time outside have always been huge parts of my life – we are all products of our environment to some degree. I am passionate about taking pictures, practicing yoga, running, sailing, skiing, eating Mexican food, being involved with my community, playing guitar and singing. I am interested in marketing, photography, and health/wellness; I aim to combine all the above.

I am great at writing thank you cards, not so great at sleeping in. Great at playing “Can’t You Hear Me Knocking” by The Rolling Stones on guitar, not so great at folding fitted sheets. I think it’s really important to make it happen, as great responsibility comes with opportunity.

My family is the most important group of people on the planet, as I hope yours is for you. I really appreciate the life we create and look forward to experiences to come.